Phrasal Verbs "cut..."

Phrasal Verb



cut across

срезать путь, сократить путь

She cut across the field quickly.

cut back on = down on

сократить расходы

The Government has cut back on defence spending.

cut down

подрезать кого-то на пути, чтобы тот упал

сократить размер (об одежде, о написанном)

I did not mean to cut you down while skating. I am sorry.

I could cut your father's trousers down for the boy.

cut in

подрезать другую машину на дороге, появиться внезапно перед другой машиной;

влезть в разговор, перебить собеседника

We were driving peacefully along the road when this red car cut in (on us), forcing us to slow down.

"May I join you?" a loud voice cut in.

cut into

разрезать, разделить на части;

влезть в разговор, перебить собеседника

Squid was cut into rings and fried in batter.

The children cut into the conversation with demands for attention.

cut off

отрезать (об электричестве), прервать поставки

The electricity supply will be cut off if we don't pay our bill.

be cut off

быть отрезанным, изолированным от

She wascut off from her family.

The army was cut off from its supplies.

cut out

вырезать куски из чего (из бумаги, материи);

покинуть, оставить какое-то дело

May I cut out the article about my performance?

My doctor says I must cut out smoking and strong drinks.

be cut out for

быть вырезанным;

быть подходящим для какого-то дела, профессии

They seem to be cut out for each other.

I am not cut out for an office job.

cut to

прорезаться, добраться до чего-то быстрее

You could cut to the library faster by bus.

cut through

разрезать (бумагу и т.д.)

They had to cut their way through the forest with axes.

cut up

порезать полностью на маленькие кусочки

Please cut up the meat for the dog as his teeth are bad now.

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