Phrasal Verbs "fall..."

Phrasal Verb



fall apart

распадаться на части (об упавших предметах);

закончиться поражением (о человеке)

This cup just fell apart in my hands.

With all these increasing costs, the business can fall apart.

Their marriage seems to be falling apart.

fall back

падать (о темпе), двигаться назад; отставать, отступать (о военных действиях)

Production has fallen back in the last few months.

Our army forced the enemy to fall back.

fall back on

обращаться за помощью в случае провала

Keep some money in the bank to fall back on in case something goes wrong.

fall behind

отставать, плестись сзади

Don't fall behind now, just when you're doing so well.

fall for

упадать за кем-то (о любви)

He was going to fall for her.

Some men always fall for women with blond hair

fall in

упасть, рухнуть

His world fell in when he lost his job.

I’m afraid the roof will fall in if an earth quake hits the area.

fall in with


I'm glad to see that you all fall in with me on this question.

fall into

впасть в какое-то состояние, войти в определенное состояние;

разбиваться, делиться на категории

Henry fell into one of his fearful rages.

This novel falls into the category of historical adventure.

fall on

нападать, атаковать кого-то;

напасть на еду из-за голода

The raider fell on the policeman.

The children fell on the cake and ate all of it.

fall off

спадать, ухудшаться (о количестве или силе)

Student numbers have been falling off recently.

The quality of performance has fallen off since last year.

fall out with

поссориться, разорвать отношения с кем-то

He has a knack of falling out with everyone.

She fell out with Peter because he came home late.

fall through

провалиться в каком-то деле, не иметь успеха

The plan fell through when it proved too costly.

Our plans fell through due to lack of money.

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