Phrasal Verbs "get..."

Phrasal Verb



get about = round

передвигаться по …, путешествовать

I don't get about much.

When are you going to get round to our house?

get across

излагать идеи понятно

I spoke slowly but my meaning didn't get across.

I hope I'm getting this across to you in a way you can understand it.

get after


You'll have to get after him to trim the bushes.

get along with=

get on with

ладить с кем-то

He had a genius for getting along with boys.

They get along with each other despite their differences.

get at

нападать на кого-то внезапно, найти что-то;


He hates us, and we are where he can get at us.

Don't let him get at the wine.

What are you getting at when you look at me like that?

get away (from)

оставлять, бежать

I couldn't get away at all last year, I was too busy.

You think you can get away with lies now?

get away with

оставлять, бежать, сделав что-то нелегальное и не быть пойманным, избежать наказания

We mustn't let him get away with the idea that he won't have to pay for it.

get back

вернуться в прежнее состояние;


I had to stop running to get my breath back.

When did your neighbours get back from their holiday?

get back to

вернуться в разговоре к чему-то

Let's get back to the original question.

get behind

отставать в сроках, не успевать

She’s been getting behind the rest of the class recently.

If you get behind with your rent, you will be asked to leave.

get by

обходиться деньгами, не требуя больше

Somehow she managed to get by.

She gets by on very little money.

How can he get by on such low wages?

get down

глотать со сложностью;

влиять плохо на эмоциональное состояние, вызывать депрессию

Try to get the medicine down, it's good for you.

This rainy weather gets me down.

get down to

взяться за что-то с очень серьезными намерениями

Let us get down to business.

It’s time you got down to looking for a better job.

get into

войти вовнутрь;

стать привычным

They got into his house without keys.

You'll soon get into the way of using it.

get off

бросить, отправиться, начать путешествие
выйти из автобуса, поезда

If we can get off by seven o’clock, the roads will be clearer.

Get off at Camden Town.

I tripped as I got off the bus.

get on

сесть в автобус, поезд;

прогрессировать, двигаться

We must have got on the wrong bus.

He’s getting on well at school.

How did you get on? - I think I got the job.

get out (of)

выйти из середины здания;


Get me out of here!

The meeting went on late, so I got out as soon as I could.

get out of

избежать ответственности

You can't get out of it now

get over

выздороветь, поправиться, преодолеть

I can't get over it.

get round = bring round

убеждать кого-то в своей правоте

I think I can get round my father to lend us the car.

We eventually got him round to our point of view.

get round to

найти время, чтобы сделать что-то, суметь сделать

We finally got round to answering our correspondence.

I haven’t got round to writing that letter yet.

get through

пройти через, завершить, успешно сдать экзамен

Telephone me when you get through (with the article), and we'll have dinner together.

How many of your students got through?

get through to…

добраться до кого-то, дозвониться, пробиться к кому-то по телефону

The snow was so deep that the climbers could not get through to the hut.

I got (through to) him on the telephone at last.

I can't seem to get through to you.

get to

добраться до

получать (об эмоциях)

I finally got to work at home.

I can't seem to get to him.

Lovely flowers and things like that get to me

get up

подниматься с кровати

I like to get up to soft music, not shouting voices.

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