Phrasal Verbs "go..."

Phrasal Verb



go about

ходить туда-сюда

Stories have been going about concerning the government's secret intentions.

go ahead

двигаться вперед, продолжать

Please go ahead with your story, there won't be any more interruptions.

go along

продолжать, прогрессировать

How is your work going along?

But the real trick is to track the project as it goes along.

go along with

соглашаться с кем-то, продвигаться вперед с чем-то

I don't go along with you there.

go at


Suddenly, he went at me with a knife.

go away

оставлять, уходить

If you take an aspirin, your headache will go away.

go back

возвращаться, вспоминать

Although he had promised to help us, he went back to his word.

go back on

нарушать обещание, брать назад обещание

He'll put it through, though; he won't go back on his tracks.

She’s gone back on her word and decided not to give me the job after all.

go by

течь (про время), упускать шанс, пройти мимо чего-то

You can't afford to let any job go by when you've been out of work for so long.

go down

пойти вниз, снизиться, сократиться, сесть (о солнце, луне), утонуть, проглотить

I do not think he cares a straw whether your temperature goes down or up.

As the sun went down below the horizon, the sky became pink and gold.

go down with

слечь с болезнью

He went down with flu.

go for

нападати, подавати заявку на роботу

A big Alsatian went for my little dog.

Why don’t you go for this marketing job?

go in for

заниматься чем-то (спортом и т.д.)

Some men go in for football in a big way.

go into

расследовать тщательно войти в группу, врезаться, въехать, начать деятельность

I go into the problem of price increases.

The car had gone into a lamppost.

go off

взорваться, испортиться (о еде), остановиться, добиваться успеха, выходить

The bomb went off, but fortunately no one was injured.

The milk has gone off; it smells terrible.

She went off him after their marriage.

The actors went off stage.

go on


"When I am Prime Minister," he went on, "we shall abolish taxes."

go out

выйти из моды;

остановить пожар

The fire has gone out.

That style went out ages ago!

go over

пройтись по материалу, чтобы проверить детали

The police went over the evidence many times trying to come up with something.

go round

хватать для всех, распространять, циркулировать

There’s enough food to go round.

The news went round very quickly.

go through

испытывать, переживать (как опыт);

просмотреть тщательно;
обсудить в деталях

She went through a difficult time when she moved.

He went through the figures.

They went through his suggestions again before making a decision.

go through with

реализовать, несмотря на сложности

He’d threatened to divorce her but I never thought he’d go through with it.

go up

повышаться, подниматься вверх

Prices are always going up.

New buildings are going up all around us.

go with

совпадать, подходить по цвету, быть частью

That new wallpaper goes well with the furniture.

go without

обойтись без чего-то

If you don't like your tea you can go without.

I’d rather go without food than work for him.

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