Phrasal Verbs "keep..."

Phrasal Verb



keep after

преследовать кого-то

I'll keep after you until you do it

keep at

держаться на уровне, продолжать работать

I kept at it and finally finished at 3 o’clock in the morning.

keep away/off/from

держаться осторожно, подальше от…

The doctor advised Jim to keep away from fattening foods.

Keep off the grass!

keep back = hold back

держаться подальше;

сдерживать, задерживать

Keep everybody back.

The dikes kept back the floodwaters.

What's holding you back?

keep behind

удерживать кого-то всередине, не пускать

The children are being kept behind because of disobedience.

keep down

сдерживать эмоции, подавлять, контролировать эмоции

Don’t keep you tears down.

keep oneself from

избегать, беречь себя, предотвращать

Try to keep the children from throwing food all over the floor.

keep in

оставлять дома в виде наказания

The teacher kept us in for misbehaving in class.

keep in with

поддерживать дружеские отношения

You'd better keep in with him.

keep on

продолжать, несмотря на трудности

Keep on with your studies, however hard it sometimes seems.

keep out


Let’s keep burglary out. The windows are not broken.

keep out of

оставаться в стороне от проблем

The boss is in an angry mood, so keep out of her way.

keep to


For heaven’s sake let’s keep to the point or we’ll never reach any decision.

keep up (with)

держаться на одном и том же уровне

I've kept up a friendship with a girl I was at school with twenty years ago.

Despite being ill he kept up with his work and passed the exam.

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