Phrasal Verbs "look..."

Phrasal Verb



look after

приглядывать за кем-то, заботиться

She looked after the child while I was out

look ahead

заглядывать в будущее

We are trying to look ahead and see what our options are.

look back on

вспоминать прошлое, смотреть назад (на)

My grandfather looks back on his army days with pleasure.

look down on

смотреть свысока, с презрением

She looks down on John because he isn’t rich.

look for


I looked for you everywhere.

look forward to…

с нетерпением ждать

Every year the children look forward to the holidays coming.

look into

расследовать, решать проблему изнутри

The police are looking into the case of the smuggled diamonds.

look in on smb

заглянуть к кому-то, проведать

I’ll look in on my mother on my way home.

look on


He pushed me to the door and the other people looked on as though nothing were happening.

look onto, look out on to

выходить окнами на

The windows look onto garden.

look out = watch out


Look out, that step's not safe!

look over

тщательно осмотреть территорию

We must look the school over before sending our son there.

look round

ходить рассматривая

She spent a few hours looking round the shops.

look through

просматривать материалы;

просмотреть, не заметить

He looked through his notes before the lecture.

I said good morning but she looked me straight through and walked on.

look up

смотреть в справочнике, словаре, списке

If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a good dictionary.

look up to…


I've always wanted a girlfriend I could look up to.

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