Phrasal Verbs "make..."

Phrasal Verb



be made for

быть сделанным для кого-то/чего-то

They are made for each other.

A short cut across the fields was made for the convenience of the inhabitants.

make for

направляться, двигаться к…

When he got out of jail he made for Toledo.

make off = make away

делать ноги, убегать

The police gave chase, but the thieves made away with the jewels.

make out

различать, разделять;

разбираться, понимать

You can just make out the farm in the distance.

I can’t make out what the name on the bell is.

Can you make out what he's trying to say?

make over

передавать собственность кому-то другому

He made over his house for use as a hospital in the war.

make sth up to smb

компенсировать, подстраивать под кого-то

How can we make up to them for all the worry we've caused them?

He's always making up to influential people.

make up=

think up

изобретать, придумывать;

I couldn't remember a fairy story to tell to the children, so I made one up as I went along.

make up

наносить косметику

Fewer women are making up these days.

make up with


Won't you make it up with her?

make up one’s mind


She can’t make up her mind whether to go to Turkey or India.

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