Phrasal Verbs "put..."

Phrasal Verb



put aside = put by

отложить, сэкономить

He puts aside £50 a month for his summer holidays.

put across = get across

четко изъясняться

The lecturer managed to put his ideas across to the audience.

put away

положить на место

Put the toys away in the cupboard. We’re expecting guests tonight.

put back

перевести стрелки часов назад,

положить на место

My watch was fast so I put it back three minutes.

Will you put the books back when you’ve finished with them?

put down = write down = take down


положить вниз

Make sure you put down everything said at the meeting.

I've put the pictures down.

put down to

приписать кому-то что-то

I put his bad temper down to his recent illness.

put forward

перевести стрелки часов вперед;

выдвинуть идею, предложение

My watch was slow so I put it forward five minutes.

A suitable answer has already been put forward by the chairman.

put in

«вставить 5 копеек» в разговор

"But wait," Jane put in, "I haven't finished my story."

put in for

подать заявление в какую-то организацию

I’m putting in for a job at the hospital.

Richard’s finally put in for his driving test.

put off


Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

put on

одеть на себя (одежду);

включить (свет);


He put his coat on hurriedly and ran out of the house.

Please put the light on, it's getting dark.

She has put on weight since she stopped working out.

put out

гасить (пожар)

Put out all fires before leaving the camping ground.

put through

соединить (по телефону)

Can you put me through to this number?

put up

установить здание, памятник;

поселить кого-то;


Do you know how to put up a tent?

They’ve put up the statue in the square.

I can put up two adults, but no children.

Rents are fixed and cannot be put up.

put up with

примириться с чем-то, терпеть

That's the kind of behaviour that I just will not put up with.

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