Phrasal Verbs "see..."

Phrasal Verb



see about = see to

делать запрос;

приглядывать, заботиться о чем-то

I’ll see about the food if you get the table ready.

He couldn't see about the matter because he was ill.

Will you see to it?

see for oneself

убедиться самому;

считаться только со своим мнением

He is the person who sees only for himself ignoring other people’s opinions.

see into

зреть в корень

I can't see into your thoughts.

see off

провожать к поезду, самолету

All the parents were at the railway station, seeing the children off to school.

see out

провожать до дверей

Don’t bother to see me out, I can find my own way.

see over

осматривать местность, место

She decided to see the flat over before buying it.

see through

видеть насквозь

He was such a poor liar that they saw through him at once.

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