Phrasal Verbs "set..."

Phrasal Verb



set about

сделать установку по поводу какой-то работы, начать работу

He set about fixing the door while she cleaned the house.

set aside

разместить в сторону, отложить с какой целью

Tom set his new book aside for a year.

It's time to set our differences aside and work together.

set back

установить стрелки часов назад

препятствовать, мешать, установка, двигаться назад

My watch was fast so I set it back three minutes.

The cost of the war has set back national development by ten years.

set down

устанавливать правила

We had to set down rules for the behaviour of the members.

set in

устояться (о погоде)

The rain set in.

Winter has set in.

set off/out

отправиться в путешествие
намереваться сделать что-то

He set off for work an hour ago.

I set off to make the work by myself, but in the end I had to ask for help.

This is not what I set out to learn when I took this course.

be set on

иметь установку на делание чего-то, быть настроенным на

He is set on it.

set smb up

быть обвиняемым за что-то, быть посрамленным за что-то

He had nothing to do with the robbery, he must have been set up.

Although he knew someone had set him up, he couldn’t prove it.

set to

приготовить себя к тяжелому труду

Get the duster and set to; there’s lot’s of work to do before our visitors arrive.

set up

начать бизнес
свести сооружение, дом

He left his job to set up his own business.

They needed the money to set up a special school for gifted children.

Do you know how to set up a tent?

The young swimmer has set up a new fast time for the backstroke.

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