Phrasal Verbs "stand..."

Phrasal Verb



stand about/around

стоять без дела

Do I pay you to stand about like a tailor's dummy?

He was standing around fanning with other guys.

stand by

стоять возле кого-то, чтобы поддержать;

наблюдать праздно

I’ll stand by you whatever happens.

How can a crowd stand by while a woman is attacked and robbed?

stand for

стоять за какую-то идею, представлять идею;
отстаивать принципы

This party stands for low taxes and individual freedom.

stand in for

стать на место кого-то, заменить

Can you stand in for me at the meeting?

stand on

стоять на своем, действовать твердо по своим убеждениям

I stand on my rights in this matter, and will take the matter to court if necessary.

stand out

стоять порознь, отдельно, выделяться из толпы

She really stands out wearing that pink suit.

stand up

встать на ноги, подняться

Stand up and come over here.

stand up for

подняться на защиту каких-то идей, защищать права

I stood up for him and said I had always found him to be honest.

She had the spunk to stand up for her rights.

stand up to

подняться, встать на ноги против чего-то без страха

They stood up to the fire of the enemy.

He wasn’t afraid to stand up to bullies.

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