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Phrasal Verb



take after

унаследовать характер

Who(m) does he take after?

He takes after his grandfather.

take away

забрать прочь;

отвести в другое место

Please don't take your hand away, it makes me think that you don't like me.

I'd like to take you away for a holiday, but I don't know when we shall be able to afford it.

take back

забрать назад обидные слова;


He took back his remarks about her cooking because she was obviously upset.

My mind took me back to that evening...

take down


сделать одежду длиннее

He took down my address and phone number and said he’d phone back.

If you do not take the trousers down you will look like a clown.

take for

принять кого-то за кого-нибудь другого

Sorry, I took you for your brother. I always mix you up.

take in

взять кого-то к себе в дом;

воспринимать информацию;

делать уже (про одежду)

Seaside villagers often take in tourists as paying guests.

Did you take in what I said or should I repeat it?

Now that I’ve lost weight I should take my clothes in.

take off

снимать одежду, обувь;

взлетать (про самолет);

взять время на отдых;

уменьшать вес тела

Take off this dirty dress and I’ll wash it for you.

We saw the plane take off and disappear into the clouds.

He took three days off work to go and see his parents.

He took off weight every day.

take on

взять на работу

They decided to take on two extra assistants during the holiday rush.

take out

забрать, вывести пятно

I took out my luggage from the left luggage.

Use this spray to take out the stain.

take over

взять что-то под контроль

She’ll take over the company when her father retires.

take smb out

повести кого-то (в ресторан)

I'm taking her out to restaurant tonight.

take to

пристать к

She took to him immediately.

I don’t know why she’s taken to biting her nails.

take up

браться за какое-то дело;

укоротить одежду

When he retired, he took up sailing as a hobby.

She took all her skirts up three inches.

be taken aback


We were taken aback when they said they were getting married. No one expected it.

be taken in

быть обманутым

She was taken in by the con man and bought a fake insurance policy.

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