Phrasal Verbs "turn..."

Phrasal Verb



turn over

перевернуть страницу;

переключить канал по телевизору

Now children, turn over to the next page.

This programme’s boring – shall I turn over to BBC?

turn down

изменить голос, сделать тише;
отвергнуть предложение

Please, turn down the volume on the radio. Could you turn down the radio a little?

He proposed to her but she turned him down.

turn to

обратиться к кому-то за помощью

When I’m in trouble I always turn to my brother.

turn off

выключить (свет)

Turn off the oven before you leave.

turn on

включить (свет)

She forgot to turn the light on.

turn in

свернуться калачиком, чтобы спать

It's time I was turning in. She turned in early.

turn up

появиться неожиданно

His book turned up in the cupboard. He finally turned up at the meeting an hour late.

turn into

превратить что-то в что-то другое

The frog turned into a prince. The referendum might turn into a party political beauty contest.

turn out


выпустить какую-то продукцию;

выворачивать карманы;

освободить комнату от вещей

He turned out an excellent actor. Her work turned out to be badly done.

Our factory turns out 100 cards a day.

He turned out his pockets.

We turned out all the rooms and found things we hadn’t seen for years.

turn away

отвернуться от кого-то, кто нуждается в помощи

It is inhospitable to turn a stranger away.

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