Planning and packing

by Tamara Myshak

When I am in the mood for travelling, first off all I plan my travel. I choose a destination. I decide where I would like to travel: somewhere in my native country or abroad. More often I travel around my native country, because I do not need a visa, I do not need to apply my documents to a foreign embassy, I do not need to queue and do not need to learn a foreign language. What I need is to choose a vehicle for travelling. What to choose: a car, a bus, a train, a bicycle or hiking? I prefer to travel by train, as my destination is quite far. It usually takes me half a day to pack my bags. I do not rush. I like to have plenty of time for packing. I reserve a ticket beforehand as I hate queueing . I take only the most necessary things with me, so-called first essentials: some clothes and washing stuff.I like to travel light. My suitcase is never stuffed full. I always take a passport with me.

When I leave home I recheck several times if the gas and electricity are off, lock the door, get into a taxi and set off. I am so impatient to start.

Follow-up questions:

1. Are you always in the mood for travelling?

2. Are you a confirmed traveller?

3. Do you always plan and arrange your travels?

4. Who do you travel with? Do you ever travel alone?

5. What is your favourite country to travel to? How do you choose a destination for travelling?

6. How often do you travel abroad? Do you need a visa? Do you speak any foreign languages?

7. What is your favourite vehicle for travelling? How often do you hike/cycle/travel by car?

8. Do you like/hate queueing?

9. How long does it take you to pack a suitcase? Do you ever rush/haste while packing? Are you annoyed when you can not find something? Do you leave your house all in a tumble/in a mess or in order?

10. Do you like to travel light or prefer to take everything from the boots to the hat?

11. Are you impatient/anticipating before travelling?

12. When do you buy tickets: on the very day of travel or beforehand?

13. Are you worried about anything left on in your flat/house?

14. Do you miss your home out while away? How long does it take you to get home-sick?

15. How do you make your travel memorable?

16. What do you adore/hate about travelling?

17. Do you ever panic when something goes wrong?

Theme drills

Tense focused questions

Are you ever fussy/ well-organised when you pack a suitcase for a trip?

Are you afraid of the unknown?

Are you good at arranging your travel?

Are you good at packing a suitcase? How good are you at packaging things for transportation?

Do you ever leave/forget anything at home when you set off on a travel?

How do you get a visa?

How do you pack bags?

Have you ever returned home on half-way to the station?

Have you ever failed to get a visa? Where did you fail to get a visa?

Have you ever queued for a long time to get a visa? Where did you get a visa last time?

Have you ever had to sleep near the embassy ?

Where are you going to travel by car/bus/train/plane this year?

Will you travel alone or with anyone else this year?

How long have you been saving for your dream travel?

Descriptive ideas

What does the most comfortable suitcase look like?

What is the best /worst travel like?

What is the most comfortable embassy centre like?

Role plays

Conflicting. Imagine you are one of just married spouses. A husband wants to go abroad for the honeymoon, but a wife wants to travel through your native country.

Conflicting. Imagine you are spouses. A wife is going to take with her as many clothes as possible on a travel abroad. A husband prefers to travel light. Give reasonable arguments to each other.

Controversial ideas

Do you agree or disagree? Express your opinion.

There should not be any embassies or visa supporting centres in the world. People should travel freely wherever they want.

People should not strive to travel abroad until they have been everywhere in their own country.

There should not be any restrictions on transportation goods through the customs. There should not be any laws forbidding importing some items.

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