archipelago - archipelagoes

echo – echoes

mosquito - mosquitoes

box - boxes

embargo - embargoes

potato - potatoes

brush - brushes

halo - haloes

tomato - tomatoes

buffalo - buffaloes

hero - heroes

tornado - tornadoes

cargo - cargoes

innuendo - innuendoes

torpedo - torpedoes

church - churches

jingo - jingoes veto - vetoes

domino - dominoes

kiss - kisses

Make the nouns in italics plural. Underline the adverbial and verbal markers for plurality.


  1. Tomato... are widely grown as a cash crop, and many varieties have been developed.
  2. We gave him paint and a few brush... .
  3. Stains are removed with buckets of soapy water and scrubbing brush... .
  4. She wiped her tears and flung her arms around his neck, fluttering hundreds of kiss... across his face.
  5. She ate a few box... of chocolates that night.
  6. St. Martin’s,Canterbury, is one of Britain's most historic church... .
  7. Valuable cargo... of tea are landed here for carriage overland.
  8. The walls threw back the echo... of his footsteps.
  9. At the graves of national hero... or ancestors worship was paid.
  10. Surveys of the archipelago... were made by the American.
  11. The clergy resumed the services in many church... that had not been burned.
  12. Halo... are at definite distances (22° and 46 °) from the sun, and are coloured red on the inside.
  13. These veto... may be overridden by a simple majority of the total membership of each house.
  14. The torpedo... explode.
  15. Tornado... spin round very fast and cause a lot of damage.

albino - albinos

dynamo - dynamos

portfolio - portfolios

alto - altos

hairdo - hairdos

pro - pros

archipelago - archipelagos

halo - halos

solo - solos

auto - autos

kilo - kilos

sombrero - sombreros

canto - cantos

kimono - kimonos

soprano - sopranos

casino - casinos

logo - logos

tango - tangos

concerto - concertos

photo - photos

zero - zeros

cuckoo - cuckoos

piano - pianos

disco - discos

pimento - pimentos

Make the nouns in italics plural. Underline the adverbial and verbal markers for plurality.


  1. Extremely energetic people are called dynamo... .
  2. He’d lost ten kilo... in weight.
  3. Guys, you are wearing your kimono... inside out.
  4. I have very few photo... of myself as a child.
  5. Piano... are being shipped next week.
  6. Portfolio... have not yet been distributed.
  7. It is not only among albino... in animals and humans that colour factors are carried in a latent condition, but also in white flowers.
  8. There were the alto..., the tenors, the sopranos in the choir.
  9. These auto... have long been prohibited on the market.
  10. Disco... are regularly held on Friday and Saturday nights.
  11. Canto... which sound Italian are more tuneful to the ears.
  12. All the casino... in the city were closed down because of the risk of being burgled.
  13. Teenagers with punk hairdo... were hanging around.
  14. The kimono... are neatly folded on the chairs.
  15. The couple have danced three tango... so far.
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