​Practice I am

Put the words into the correct order. Say how true these ideas about you. Ask and answer. 


I am Charlie. 

about yourself: Are you Charlie? 

I am not Charlie. I am Jane.

a. am, Charlie, I.

b. Patricia, am, I.

c. am, Polish, I.

d. I, Japanese, am.

e. I, am, eighteen.

f. twenty-eight, am, I.

g. I, thirty-three, am, old, years.

h. forty-nine, years, am, I, old.

i. from, am, I, Argentina.

j. am, Thailand, from, I.

k. I, from, Sicily, am.

l. big, am, from, I, city, a.

m. by, I, Sagittarius, am, horoscope.

n. I, Pisces, by, horoscope, am.

o. Gemini, am, I, horoscope, by.

p. yet, am, unmarried, I, not.

q. am, father, I, a, four, of, children.

r. am, by, an, actress, I, profession.

s. lawyer, am, by, profession, I, future, a.

t. I, journalist, by, am, profession, a.

u. pilot, am, a, profession, I, by.

v. nursery, am, I, teacher, a, school, at, a.

w. out-going, am, I.

x. I, easy-going, am.

y. pretty, am, I.

z. sociable, am, I.

aa. am, lazy, I.

bb. kind, I, am, and, positive.

cc. sometimes, am, I, busy.

dd. football, am, player, a, I.

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