Present Continuous Active

Present Continuous Active Voice is formed by:

Subject + am/is/are + Ving for statements.

Am/is/are + Subject + Ving for questions;

Subject + am/is/are + not + Ving for negatives.

Tense expressions:

  • always
  • at present
  • at the/this moment
  • constantly
  • currently
  • …etc
  • for now
  • for the time being
  • forever
  • just now
  • now
  • nowadays
  • permanently
  • presently
  • right now
  • still
  • these days
  • this week
  • today
  • tonight soon
  • while, etc.



Actions happening now;

Ann is not wearing her new jeans today.

actions happening around now;

They are painting the walls in their new house.

temporary situations or temporaryseries of actions;

Are you staying at your aunt’s? Pedestrians are not using the lane because of the roadworks.

changing and developing situations

Foreign holidays are becoming more popular in our country.

annoying or amusing habits(usually with always/permanently/constantly/never)

My neighbour is always leaving his car at my gate.

temporary or new habits

My car is broken down , so I am walking to work these days.

current trends

Nowadays women are wearing shorter skirts.

definite future arrangements or fixed plans

We are playing football on Saturday.

conditional and time clauses with actions in progress

If you are still tinkering with your old car, when I come, I will help you.

More examples

Comment on using the following examples in Present Continuos Active:

  1. He is desperately working to complete his project.
  2. The authorities are looking for them.
  3. You are feigning illness!
  4. Children are getting ready for bed.
  5. Living conditions are becoming increasingly intolerable.
  6. Oh. The bell is ringing so loudly.
  7. You are always changing your mind.
  8. They are arriving soon.
  9. “The pirate ship is coming towards our position!”
  10. “We are making tents for our camping club.”
  11. ‘You are wasting water. Turn off the tap.’
  12. The attempt is risky. The boat is sinking.
  13. The police are pursuing pickpockets.
  14. They are making sails for their boating club.
  15. I am permanently failing to keep my word.
  16. More and more problems are emerging.
  17. Our plans are screeching (=moving rapidly) to a halt.
  18. I am abandoning this project as it is a waste of money.
  19. They are staring at each other awkwardly.
  20. He is forever sending her scathing emails.

More practice with Dual-Grammar Choice

  1. They are at the petrol station. They are filling up/fill up their cars.
  2. He fumbles /is fumbling about in his pocket for the key.
  3. “You are skittering/skittering up the stairs again. Be careful.”
  4. Those who is known/know the most, venture/are venturing the least.
  5. I am wondering/ am wondered what is on your mind.
  6. He comes/is coming to have lunch with us tomorrow.
  7. I am getting / gets enamoured of London.
  8. I am sure I am seeing/am seen her through eyes that are blinded by emotion.
  9. I'm longed/longing for a smoke.
  10. “You are seeking/are sought to take advantage of my good nature.”
  11. I am got/am getting slower and slower and becoming more and more unreliable.
  12. Rain soaked clothes are clung/are clinging to his body.
  13. Everything looks /is looking scrumptious (=appetising).(Saul Greenblatt).
  14. At last we are topping/top this hill.
  15. An obese man in New York is suing/is sued four leading fast food chains.
  16. Some of the most efficient refrigerators consume/are consuming 70 percent less electricity than traditional models.
  17. A lot of people nowadays are sacrificing /are sacrificed the pleasures of nature to the convenience of city life.
  18. Mother is taught/ is teaching her daughter to sew.
  19. Workmen are already mending /mend faulty cabling.
  20. Who is sweep/ is sweeping the leaves off the patio?

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