​Quantifying Nouns

A bunch — a number of things, typically of the same kind, growing or fastened together:
a bunch of flowers, a bunch of keys, a bunch of grapes, a bunch of bananas, a bunch of jobs, a bunch of people;
a bag — a flexible container with an opening at the top:
a paper bag, a plastic bag, a sleeping bag;
a bara bar of soap, bar of gold, a bar of chocolate;
a barrel — is a large, round container for liquids or food:
a barrel of beer,oak barrels, barrels of pickled fish;
a book — a set of tickets, stamps, matches, samples of cloth, etc., bound together:
a book of stamps, a book of matches;
a bottle — a glass or plastic container with a narrow neck:
a bottle of cognac, a bottle of wine, a baby's feeding bottle;
a box — a container with a flat base and sides:
a box of matches, a box of chocolate, amusical box;
a bundle — a number of things that are tied together:
a bundle of bank-notes,bundle of nerves,a bundle of sticks, the bundle of clothing, a bundle of magazines, a bundle of firewood;
a can — a cylindrical metal container:
a can of coke,a petrol can, a can of paint;
a carton — a small, light box:
a carton of low-calorie yoghurt, a carton of milk;
a crate — is a large box used for transporting or storing things:
crates of beer,a crate of bananas;
a deck — a pack:
a deck of playing cards;
a fleet of ships — a group of ships sailing together;
a flight — a set of steps; a moment:
a flight of stairs, flight of imagination, flight of eloquence, flight of wit;
a heap — an untidy collection of things;a large amount or number:
heap of boxes, a heap of blankets, heaps of room, heaps of time
a jar — is a glass container with a lid that is used for storing food:
a jar of pickled onions,a glass jar, a jar of coffee;
a loaf — a quantity of bread that is shaped and baked in one piece:
a loaf of whole meal bread;
a lump — a solid piece of something:
a lump of sugar, a lump of wood, a lump gold;
a pack — a paper container or a group a (quantity) of similar things or people:
a pack of cereals, a pack of cigarettes, a pack of cards, a pack of lies, a pack of thieves
a packet — a paper or cardboard container:
a packet of crisps, a packet of cigarettes, a packet of salt;
a pad — a number of sheets of blank paper fastened together:
a pad of writing paper;
a pile — is a mass of things lying one on top of another:
a pile of stones, a pile of wood, a pile of trouble, a pile of money;
a pint — liquidequal to 0.568 litre:
a pint of beer, a pint of milk;
a roll — a cylindrical mass of something:
a roll of toilet paper, a roll of a film, a roll of carpet;
a row — a number of things or people in a line:
a row of houses, a row of students;
a sachet — is a small sealed bag:
a sample sachet of shampoo, sachets of instant coffee;
a sack — a large bag made of a strong material:
a sack of coal, a sack of flour;
a sheet — a large, flat, thin piece:
a sheet of greaseproof paper, a sheet of glass, a sheet of ice, a sheet of dust;
a sticka stick of chewing gum;
a string — a number of things on a piece of string, thread, or wire:
a string of facts, a string of cars, a string of camels, a string of beads, a string of imitation pearls;
a tin — a metal container: a tin of baked beans;
a tin of beans; tins of paint;
a tube — is a long hollow object usually round, like a pipe:
a family-size tube of toothpaste, a small tube of moisturizer;

There are many more quantifying nouns. Think what other quantifying nouns can be used. Practise to use them:

a giant size block of ice-cream,
a set of spanners,
a set of knives,
a pair of trousers,
a loaf of bread,
a ball of string,
a chest of drawers,
a pool of blood,
a pool of light,
a gang of youths,
a mouthful of water,
a mouthful of biscuits,
a flock of children,
a swarm of bees,
a handful of rice,
a handful of people,
a grain of salt/sand/sugar,
a ray of hope/ light/ sunshine,
a slice of lemon,
a pinch of salt,
a ball of flames,
a scrap of paper,
a piece of music,
a piece of advice,
a dice of meat, etc.
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