Read to Speak: Let Them Buy

Level: B1

Do men love shopping? Hardly ever. Bryan Bonaparte is a rare man who loves shopping. He loves shopping so much that he has even an agency that provides a shopping service. This agency provides a shopping service for those people who don't like shopping. He asks what people want and buys things on their behalf. People pay for this service.

It all started one Christmas. Bryan’s agency is called Ace. Bryan thought it would be a seasonal service, but the business got successful. Now it works throughout the year, because there are always gifts to buy' for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and retirements. A lot of people hate shopping. They get depressed when they have to shop in

bad weather, in crowded malls, to carry heavy bags or decide on the right present. During the sales people have no idea what they are looking for. Bryan’s agency visit stores on behalf of their clients. They make suggestions, buy the items, then return to the shops to exchange the items that people did not like.

The only thing Bryan won’t do is buy food. For sales shopping, customers need to be specific about size, colour, style and designer labels. Bryan's specialist knowledge means that clients usually get a good deal.

Speculate on

1.Do you know any men who like shopping? What do they buy? What do they like about shopping?

2.What would you like Bryan’s agency buy for you?

3.What was your latest shopping like?

4.How do you decide what you want to buy?

5.What would you advise shopaholics to do?

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