Thematic Reading: Valentine’s Day (Level A2)

On Valentine’s Day we give cards “Valentines”, cookies, and candies to our dear people. In school children decorate their classrooms with red hearts and give valentines to their friends.

But, do you know why we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Long time ago, in the city of Rome there lived a man. His name was Valentine. He was very kind and children loved him. He was a priest. One day the king of Rome made a law. He said: “All young men will be in my army. They can never get married.” The young men and women were very sad. Valentine tried to help the young men and women to get married .The king was very angry and threw Valentine to jail. The people were sad to see Valentine in jail. They made letters and sent them to Valentine.

On February 14, we remember Valentine. All over the world, people send cards called “Valentines” to celebrate this special day. On Valentine’s Day we show our love for our friends and family with gifts and cards.

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