Regularity vs Temporality

Regularity is for Present Simple

one-word Verb or one word Verb + s after he, she, it shows regular / repeated actions.

He learns to drive.

Temporality is for Present Continuous

am / is / are + Verb+doing shows what you are doing temporarily (in this period of life).

I am learning to drive. - You are not driving now, you do not say how often you drive, you are learning to drive in this period of life, around now.

Choose the ideas from the table and say what you regularly do and what you are temporarily doing. Write down your sentences in the right column.

teach someone to ride a bike
wear earrings
clean shoes
mend socks and old clothes
move in a new flat
sweep the floor
read a detective
make a cake
drink coffee
learn a foreign language
redecorate our flat
drive my parents’ car
live with our uncle and aunt
look after my grandparents
train to become a professional footballer
currently write a children’s book
sleep in the kitchen
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