Reported Speech Questions

Reporting verb in
Present or Future
Direct Speech Questions Reporting verb
in Past

Yes/No Questions

She wonders if I want to see the Cathedral. Do you want to see the Cathedral? She was wondering if I wanted to see the Cathedral.
He wants to know if I like bananas. Do you like bananas? He wanted to know if I liked bananas.
A passenger asks if this seat is taken. Is this seat taken? A passenger asked if that seat was taken.
They are wondering if I slept well. Did you sleep well? They were wondering if I had slept well.
She enquires ifI have been here long. Have you been here long? She enquired if I had been there long.
They enquire if I can tell him the truth. Can you tell me the truth? They enquired if I could tell him the truth.
We are interested if there are any letters for her. Are there any letters for me? We were interested if there were any letters for her.
The man wonders if anyone wants tickets for the boxing match. Does anyone want tickets for the boxing match? The man wondered whether anyone wanted tickets for the boxing match.
He questions if it will be all right if he comes a little later. Will it be all right if I come ina little later? He questioned whether/if it would be all right if he came a little later.


He wonders who has been using his typewriter. Who has been using my typewriter? She wondered who had been using her typewriter.
Can you tell me how much you think it will cost. How much do you think it will cost? She asked how much I thought it would cost.
He would like to know how long it takes to get there. How long does it take to get there? He said he would like to know how long it took to get there.
She queries what it is for. What is it for? She queried what it was for.
Do you think you could tell me how many people you are working with. How many people are you working with? My friend asked me to tell how many people he was working with.
Can you tell me why you didn’t pass the exam. Why didn’t you pass the exam? Mother demanded to explain why you hadnt passed exam.
Could you possibly tell me where you were on your summer holliday. Where were you on your summer holliday? My friend asked me where I had been on my summer holliday.
She questions how many sleeping pills I have taken. How many sleeping pills have you taken She questioned how many slepping pills I had taken.
He wants to know when I will forgive him. When will you forgive me? He questioned when I would forgive him.
Can you explain where they will be waiting for. Wherewill they be waiting for? She refused to explain where they would be waiting for.
Would you mind telling me why I wasnt sleeping well. Why weren't you sleeping well? He didn’t want to say why I hadnt been sleeping well.
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