Rooms in a House

Age: teens

Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate

Concerns: Present Simple / Present Continuous

Use: things to do in rooms.

Where can you do these things?

  • sleep;
  • make the bed;
  • put make-up on your face;
  • sweep the floor;
  • arrange clothes in the wardrobe;
  • ook in the mirror;
  • lie on the bed;
  • change the linen;
  • fuff up pillows;
  • change clothes;
  • get dresse;
  • watch TV;
  • vacuum the carpet;
  • mop the floor;
  • speak on the phone;
  • play board games;
  • look through newspapers and magazines;
  • communicate with relatives;
  • have a birthday party;
  • drink hot tea;
  • wrap oneself in a warm bedspread;
  • dance;
  • sing;
  • listen to music;
  • wash-up;
  • polish the silver;
  • dry the plates,forks, spoons, knives on the towel;
  • put a kettle on;
  • wash vegetables;peel vegetables;
  • cut, dice or slice fruit or vegetables;
  • slice the bread;
  • make tea or coffee;
  • cook soup;
  • cook porridge;
  • sprinkle something with salt or pepper;
  • defrost a refrigerator;
  • mop the floor;
  • wash the windows;
  • shake out the tablecloth;
  • change the tablecloth;
  • wipe the table;
  • eat;have a meal;
  • lay the table;
  • clear the table;
  • light a burner;
  • read newspapers;
  • look through magazines;
  • make model planes;
  • play table tennis;
  • study;
  • learn English;
  • learn Maths;
  • listen to different songs;
  • communicate with friends;
  • paint;
  • do morning exercises;
  • air the room;
  • draw maps;
  • cut pictures out;
  • make scrapbooks;
  • embroider;
  • do craftwor.

    1. What can you do in different rooms?

    2. Imagine you are preparing for a party. Your friends and relatives are helping you. What are you all doing?

    3. Mime different activities so that your group-mates could guess what you are doing.

    4. Play the Freeze/Unfreeze game with these activities. All students stand up and try to move to imitate different activities that can be done in a certain room. THEN leader says "freeze", all students stop moving. The leader asks questions and tries to guess what they are doing asking questions in Present Continuous: "Are you sweeping the floor?” The Wrong one is lazy and doesn't do anything. The leader guesses what he/she is not doing.

    5. You are preparing for a serious test/exam. What are you doing now? What aren’t you doing now?( the activities you usually do). It’s Saturday today . What are people in your family doing?

    6. It’s 7am/8am/9am/10am/11am/12am/1pm/2pm on Sunday and so on. What are you doing now?

    7. Who usually does these things in your family? Who usually cooks soup?

    8. What does modern Cinderella do?

    9. What is there in the rooms where you can do these activities? There is a carpet to vacuum.

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