Routes And Timetables

by Natalia Shokot

If you want to get pleasure from your trip, you should plan everything beforehand: routes and timetables, transport and packing, good company and places to visit.

A tourist agency or a travelling bureau is the place where you can get a lot of information on the best route to your destination. You will find out whether there is a through train to the place or you will have to change trains.

Get as much information as possible before you set off: what days trains or boats run, what intervals they run at, what time they get to the place, how long the journey will take, when the plane takes off, etc.

I choose travelling by bus. So, today my destination is one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine, Lviv. I take my luggage and leave home. I need to get to the bus station and buy the ticket. I take a taxi to the station. I get into the taxi. In 10 minutes I am on the station. I get out of the taxi and run across the street. Then I walk up the steps and enter the hall of the bus station. I look at the arrival and departure board.Here I can find the information about the bus I need and specify the timetable.Then I go to the ticket window.A friendly cashier sells me a ticket. Now I must stick to the timetable in order not to be late. I walk down the steps and go to the platform. Here I wait for my bus. It comes in time and I embus. In half an hour the bus gets on the highway. We drive through the tunnels and under the bridge. We leave hundreds of kilometres behind and, finally, I am on the Lviv bus station. I get off the bus. I pass through the crowds of people. I need to get to the subway. It runs to a timetable and delivers me to my hotel. 10 minutes later I am in front of my hotel. I cross the road, enter the hall, take a lift and finally I am in my room. I leave the luggage there and run to observe the beauty of the old historical city. And my route becomes even more interesting and I have no time limitation.

Follow-up questions:

  1. How do you get to know the world and the culture of different nations?
  2. Why do many people travel?
  3. What are the means of travelling?
  4. What plays an important role in your trip being successful?
  5. What is your favourite vehicle for travelling?
  6. What countries/ cities do you like to visit? Why?
  7. When do you buy tickets: on the day of travel or beforehand?
  8. How do you get to the station?
  9. Describe your route from the home to the station.
  10. What do you do on the station?
  11. Where can you specify the timetable?
  12. Where do you go to buy a ticket?
  13. What should you do in order not to be late?
  14. What do you drive past when you are on the highway?
  15. What transport do you use to get to the hotel? How much time does it take?
  16. What do you do after you are in the room?
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