Everybody likes to see the beautiful summer morning. In one of these beautiful mornings Roy wakes up and stretches. Every night he has a dream. He knows about it. But when he gets up he forgets his dreams. When the sun streams through the windows Roy yawns and yawns, he stretches his arms and tries to remember his dream. Roy is a forgetful fellow. He remembers nothing.

One day on his way to the post office he meets the village policeman who goes the other way. They say 'Morning' to each other and the policeman askі Roy about help. ''The sheep is out of a cattle. Tell the farmer about it.'' Forgetful Roy goes on walking, but on his way he forgets about his promise. When he comes to the post office he forgets what he wants to buy. The post clerk proposes stamps, postcards, letters to him, but Roy says he wants something different. So, he decides to go home.

He knows what to do. He wants to train his memory. He works so hard, learns some words, memorises poems. He wants to be all-remembering Roy.

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