​Sally: Reading and Speaking (Past Simple)

Level: A1

Sally felt bad. She fell ill. She got the flu. 

She had runny nose, sore throat and a fever. 

She stayed in bed. The doctor came out and gave her some antibiotics. 

She felt better. Then she ate something bad. It gave her a terrible stomach ache. 

One day she fell down on the stairs and broke her leg. 

An ambulance came out and took her to hospital. 

And in the hospital she caught malaria. What a bad luck.


  1. How did Sally feel?
  2. What symptoms did she have?
  3. Where did she stay?
  4. What did the doctor give her?
  5. Why did she have a terrible stomach ache?
  6. Where did she fall down?
  7. What did she break?
  8. Where did the ambulance take her?
  9. What did she catch in the hospital?
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