Sample Essay: Advertisement

Pros and cons of advertisement

Today, advertisement has a large influence on modern sales and its quality can lead to better results even if the quality of a product leaves much to be desired, so different companies take into consideration this component in the first place. Manufacturers have a lot of benefits due to this marketing trick, but inexperienced customers lose their money regarding the poor quality of a product.

Firstly, it is common, that if a company has made a new product, its popularity grows much higher with an advertisement or if this product is not new, but has been intensively advertised, there will be a secondary popularity of this product.

A lot of people know about Coca-Cola, but it makes more and more advertisements and it attracts a plethora of new customers around the world.

Moreover, two different factories can combine their resources and make one product with one promotion strategy, which can have a huge impact on future sales. There are a lot of examples of it, and bankrupt firms use it to continuing their existence.

On the other hand, this tendency substantially reduces the quality of products. It does not always happen, but there is a real chance, as two companies share responsibility and in case of a failure can just pass a bucket to each other.

In fact, there are lots of useless goods in the supermarkets, which humans buy, because they saw them advertised on TV. Advertising campaigns aim at profits to producers.

Overall, this tendency has both benefits and disadvantages, and in general it is not good for customers. I think that advertisement can help a person to find something new, but by and large it can sometimes lead to disappointment.

                                                                                                                    by Vlad Lysenko

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