Sample Essay: Food

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Everyone knows, that due to scientific progress, people`s lives become easier every day. This concerns everything around us. We use cars, buses and underground for fast movement from one place to another; TVs, PlayStations and Computers to entertain ourselves in every period of time and at any location we want; mobile phones to communicate with our friends and relatives; computer databases and calculation programs to do our work faster. Scientific progress is a part of our free time, of our job, of our private life and of course also of our biological rhythm: sleep, movement, rest and nutrition.The latter oneis on the focus of analysis.

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. We have so much kitchen stuff to make a lot of dishes easier and faster, than in the past.It is not necessary to get hands dirty, by kneading the dough; to look after the chicken in the oven, forfear of its burning; to wake up much earlier to make a cup of coffee - coffee machine with timer prepares everything itself, while you`re sleeping. What is more, if we want, we even don`t need to cook. Fast food from the supermarket needs only 5 minutes in the microwave to be ready for eating. But does these all have only advantages? Or there is also a dark side?

At first, it comes out, that actually this speed in cooking with kitchen stuff makes us lazy. For example, we don`t want to remember, that Turkish coffee on the stove is much more delicious than some from the coffee machine, just because we want to sleep a little bit longer. We are also always forgetting that with our hands, it is easier to find out, if dough is ready for baking. (At least we can try it and put some more ingredients inside. Machine cannot do this).Furthermore, sometimes we even ignore, that fast food is very unhealthy and leads to obesity.

Secondly, if we want to get something in an easier way, we want to develop this to a perfect condition. (Just for a challenge) But unfortunately, it`s not for free. Earlier, chef was happy, if he successfully cooked a soup with simple vegetables. (If it was delicious, of course). Nowadays, some chefs also at the beginning of career are satisfied only with foreign fruits in their dishes. Sometimes they also want to change chemical structure of the food to make it more special and unusual.The problem here is that it costs a lot of money, and not all people want to buy something, that they are not sure about, from a new unknown chef. As a result these pioneers go bankrupt.

So, in conclusion, it´s certainly great, that the humanity obtains so much advantages from scientific progress, but it`s also necessary to remember a dark side of this.

by Ivanna Yurchyshena

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