Sample Essay: Movies

How do movies or television influence people's behavior? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

How does life of an average person look like? Almost each of us does similar things every day. Everybody gets up, has breakfast, goes to work, comes back, has dinner and at least of course watches something on TV or surfs on the internet. But actually we do these not only in the evening. During the whole day we are surrounded by different media, and they do not only influence our lives, sometimes they also make us make changes and provoke actions.

I know a few people, who have lost a lot of weight and have become really slim and beautiful after having watched the same film with a good-looking actress. They watched it again and again till this become a ritual. They saw this as an incentive to change themselves and be better. Finally, that has succeed. But now arises a question, why not find an example to follow among people in real life? I`m sure, there was something like that. They just listened to the big screen on the wall and didn`t want to communicate with real personalities. Luckily, that was at least an example, which led to successful and good consequences. But let’s view the situation from a different perspective.

Last week I heard a story about a little girl, who saw a huge marvelous doll house in the movie. She begged her parents every day cherishing an idea to own the same one. It does not matter, that such house does not even exist. Finally she was depressed for a long time and didn`t want to speak with mom and dad, who refused to make her happy. The girl just wanted to live a life, like in the movies. Is this bad?

So why do we always listen and take into consideration these details, that we have seen on a big screen? Maybe the reason is in our opinion, that real life is not so amazing, that something is always missing and not perfect. It`s just easier to escape from reality to the world of beautiful people and amazing lives, instead of changing our lives by ourselves and become a someone, who influences, not addicts.

Fortunately, there are people, who have such live position, and I am of the opinion, that their lives are much more interesting than those, on the big screen. They are not only actresses and actors in their life-movies. They are directors, and the salary for this job is much higher.  

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