Sample Essay: Parents

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Everyone knows that experience comes with age. Sometimes people should make mistakes and deal with the consequences, if they want to understand, that the way they live and actions they do, are wrong and unpractical. But what, if there is someone nearby, who can try to help to make things in a right way from the beginning? Such a teacher for life, a best teacher at all? What if someone can teach you to live reasonably?

Probably all people who want to achieve something in life, are looking for such a person. Life is so much easier and better that way. The problem is that you don't want to listen to someone if you don't respect this person. In order to get respect for the person you normally need to spend some time together and find out that only good for you is wished. But sometimes even if you trust someone completely, this person can fail and leave you, because some of your characteristics are too exhausting. So, you need not only to respect and trust someone, you need also to be like an open book for this person, you need to know completely, that none of your properties is forgotten.

So look around and think about, who this supporting and advising someone can be? Who knows you and your life from childhood, can not only predict almost every your step, but also advise, how to deal reasonably, while doing it? This can be your best friend, your spouse, your sister or brother or your parents. But compared to the others, whom you have told your life story, the latter ones from the list have been nearby from your birth and have seen everything with their own eyes. So, they know you in a best way. Furthermore, sometimes you don`t even need to ask for help, because they are always there for you. They taught you to walk, to speak, to ride a bike, to behave yourself. They just taught you to live. And none of your characteristics had stopped them supporting you. So, is this not a good reason to take their life experience from their tips of advise and arrange your own life in the best way? They have had years to learn how everything works and are worthteaching to share their experience with you.

Teacher at school teaches you to read and write in a right way. These were also good pieces of advice. But it tends to last only several years. Parents are there for you for the whole lifetime. So, they are the best teachers, who we were looking for from the beginning, aren`t they?

by Ivanna Yurchyshena

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