Sample Letter: Appearance And Character

Dear Sir,

I heard your radio show about people's appearance and character and about their connection.

You told your listeners to write their thoughts on this topic and the best commentS will be added to your next issue.

The proverb "appearance is deceptive" is best suited to this topic. because there are many people whose appearance is radically different from their character. some people may wear a mask behind which their true nature is hidden. so don't trust the first impression and don't draw conclusions about a person until you are sure.I really think that we need to appreciate inner beauty. choosing friends, life partners, it is unlikely that someone will choose an "empty" person, but good on the outside, because life needs support and understanding, not just beauty. All people are different, they all have an inner world, but not everyone has it that beautiful. It is good to have a good appearance and a good soul, such a combination makes a person interesting for the community, and will help to settle down well in life.

i hope that you will add my comments to the next issue.

Yours faithfully,

Anne Shirley.


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