Sample Letter: Friendship

Your friend has sent you a letter in which he touches upon the issue of friendship nowadays. Write a letter in which you:

  • tell him about your friends
  • what traits you value/dislike
  • tell him your opinion about virtual friendship
  • give him advice how to find time for friends

Write a letter of at least 100 words.

Do not use any personal information (e. g., names, dates, addresses, etc.). Start your letter in an appropriate way.


Hi Elizabeth,

I am so exited to receive your letter after a long period of our break upand it was quite pleasant for me to read that you have passed all your exams with excellent marks. Also, you told me about your new virtual friend and asked me what I am thinking about her, so let’s discuss.

Actually, I had a large circle of friends for a couple of years before, but becoming older I rethink all my priorities and delete the “fake friends” out of my life. Today, i can truly say, that I surround myself only with trustful and smart soulmates that make me happy every day.

How can I do that ? To be honest with you, it was so easy, I just found some personality traits that should be in my friend and some that 100% shouldn’t.

Firstly, the most important personal qualities are unalterable esteem and honesty. Secondly, an ability to pursueobjectives and self-improvement. Thirdly, similar views, optimists and humor.

But, I don't perceive pessimistic people without goals and desire to achieve success.

Also, in the 21 century you can make friendships online because it is too easy to call on FaceTime and see your friend “in person”, chat 24/7 in social media etc.

You must also remember that friendship is a hard work. If you have a busy schedule try to find time for speaking with your friend just for 15 minutes every day, for example, in breaks between subjects, on a bus, before going to bed and exactly at the weekends.

Text me every time when you need to talk to somebody, get advice or tell an interesting story. I will be glad to hear from you.

Wish you all the best,

Kindest regards,


by Anastasia Kostyolko 

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