Sample Letter: Playing Video Games

Dear friend,

How are you doing? As for me, I am fine. In your letter, you described the celebration of a traditional festival in England. It is amazing!

There are a lot of different traditional festivals in Ukraine. My favourite is Kupala. THE Festival starts late in the evening from 6 to 7 July. All of the people gather on the beach and jump over the fire in my city. Girls weave wreaths and throw them into the river. There is also music and people can dance. There are many tents with food and drinks.

The holiday of Kupala originated in the times of paganism. It symbolizes the union of water and fire, which gives rise to life and prosperity of nature.

I spend this festival with friends on the beach. I don`t weave wreaths, but I jump over the fire. I also like to dance with friends. I enjoy every minute of the festival. I hope you enjoy the story of the festival.

Best wishes,

Nina Dobrev


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