Sample Letter: Sport Centre

Your friends love doing sports and you want to spend a weekend together with them. Write to them recommending a good place for a weekend. Include these points:

  • describe the place, its atmosphere and the nature you can see;
  • mention the activities you can do there;
  • express your opinion of the place.

Hi, Veronica,

I hope you are well. I know you are interested in sport activities. It would be nice idea to meet with you at this weekend on the way to a healthy life!

I may offer you a great place like a swimming pool under the sky. This cozy one attracts with its delightful nature. There is a lot of greenery and tall trees around. I think it's nice to swim listening to the birds singing. Besides, there is friendly atmosphere.

Of course, we will swim there. After water treatments, you can visit the sauna. But that's not all! Next to the complex is a sport ground. Playing basketball or volleyball would be a great idea!

I have chosen this place because I heard a lot positive reviews about it. So i decided to visit this sport center with you. And the amazing nature around makes me feel calm.

See you soon. Take care,


Score 12

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