Sample Letter: Town

Your pen-friend complains he/she lives in a small town and there is nowhere to go out with friends and no major events happen there, so he/she is looking forward to moving to another city, when he/she goes to college.

Write a letter in which you

  • tell him/her where you’d like to live and why
  • describe your home town
  • tell about your favourite places to go out

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not use your real name or any other personal information. Start your letter in an appropriate way.


Dear friend, how are you going? As for me I am quite well. I recently got your letter in which you write about disadvantages of dwelling in a small town. You told about the absence of interesting venues and events.

As I know you want to move to another city when you enter a college. In my opinion dwelling in a big city is better than in a small town. Because there are more opportunities there: education is better, medical services is of high quality. A big city is full of cultural events.

My home town is not big. There aren’t many unique places. There are a few cinemas, some theaters, a lot of parks and squares. I like to go to cafes and restaurants. My favorite park is the park named by Chekhman. In this park there are many attractions for the children. The park is clean and full of threes and bushes.

That’s all for now, hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards your friend.

by Andrei Baskov

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