School of Horror Quest

The main idea of the quest is to find all of the keys one by one, open all classes and the final task is to open the entrance door.

Task 1

Children are in the classroom. On the window is a glass jar with red water and the key at the bottom. There is a letter near the jar: don't put your hand in the red water.

On the table there is a picture. Inscription is on the reverse side: on, in, under.

There are paints and a brush under the table. Children have to color water in any other color and take a key. Then they can open the door.

On the floor there are different handprints, which point to the next door.

Task 2 (Puzzle)

There is a letter on the next door: YPPAH SLIART16 (HAPPY TRAILS 61)

There are lots of books in this classroom, but among them there is a book "Happy Trails" and the page 61 with a picture of puzzle. Parts of puzzle are in this classroom. 

Children do a puzzle and find there a number of the next door.

Task 3 (Crossword)

On the table there are letters and a mobile phone locked. A crossword is drawn on the blackboard. Children can see a phone password on the paper, but it is written with wax. Children have to use crayons and find the password. Leave them a message on the phone with questions to crossword.

When crossword is completed you can give them a piece of paper with a number of the next classroom.

Task 4 (Labyrinth)

“Witch” is waiting for them in this class. Specifying for one pupil is to go blindly through different obstacles. Other pupils must say the direction (left, right, straight, lift your leg and so on).

Next letter with letters ienn (nine) is a number of the last classroom.

There is a USB on TV and words on the table: watch can TV you (You can watch TV)

On the flash drive is a video with a message, that we are proud of our pupils, because they solved the quest!

by Nastia Lebid

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