The spring lasts three months. These are March, April and May. We are in March. Very often there is still snow in March. The right spring starts on the 21st of March. There is is the equinox on this day. The weather is not so cold anymore. The sun is always warmer. Snow and ice are melting, and the roads are covered with water and dirt. 

On these days in spring, nature awakens from long winter sleep. Soon, blades of grass appear in fields and meadows. Trees and shrubs get buds, the fruit trees start to bloom. Everything turns green and white, because at the end of April and beginning of May many trees and flowers are blooming. The gardens sink in the sea of flowers.

Everywhere the first spring flowers appear – the snowdrops, violets, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and others.






The migratory birds come back again. The birds sing everywhere. The swallows, starlings, sparrows chirp; the storks clatter on the roofs. Bees and beetles fly about in the balmy air.

Farmers are in the field and the field work begins. The farmers plant potatoes, sugar beets, carrots and others. Women work on their flower beds and in the vegetable gardens.

With the change of nature, the mood of the people changes. The glorious sun warms us and the earth. Finally the children can leave the dull rooms, and we see how they rejoice, dance and cheer up.

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