​Squirrel’s Lesson

A little squirrel lived in a forest. He worked much because he wanted to have many nuts for the winter.

One day he met the other squirrels who lived in the same forest.

“Look at all the nuts I have collected,” he said. “They are all my nuts. When winter comes, I will have them all to myself.”

“You are a bad squirrel,” said the squirrels. “But we have a lot of nuts for the winter too.” And they went to their homes.

Soon a cold winter came. Every day the squirrel went to the place where his nuts were and took some nuts for dinner. He liked nuts.

One morning when the squirrel was very hungry, he came to his place to take the nuts, but there were no nuts there.

“Where are my nuts?” he cried. “What shall I do? I am so hungry and I have no nuts!”

The little squirrel went to the other animals and asked them to give him some nuts. But the other squirrels said to him:

“You did not help us to collect nuts, so we shall not give you nuts.”

“Please, give just a few nuts. I am so hungry,” the little squirrel said.

The squirrels whispered among themselves and then said:

“All right, take our nuts when you are hungry, but you must help us to collect them next year.”

“Oh, thank you,” said the little squirrel. “Thank you very much. I’ll always help you to collect nuts!”

Every year after that the little squirrel helped the other squirrels to collect nuts because he knew that sharing belongings is a very good thing to do.