Subject – Verb Agreement (No Effect)

Согласование глагола и подлежащего

Указанные выражения не оказывают никакого эффекта на глагол, следующий за ними.

The following after-subject phrases have no effect on the verb.


  • accompanied by
  • along with
  • as well as
  • coupled with
  • in addition to
  • including
  • not to mention
  • together with

Verb agrees with the subject, not with clarifying phrases.


  1. The actress, along with her manager and some friends, is going to a party tonight.
  2. Mr Robbins, accompanied by his wife and children, is arriving tonight.
  3. Eric, along with Emiley, is going for a walk.
  4. Steve, together with his friends ,is playing soccer.
  5. I, along with Emiley, am going for a walk.
  6. I, together with my friends, am playing soccer.
  7. Senator Jones ,along with his wife, wants to purchase the beach house.
  8. The CEO, not to mention the 25 board members, has decided to scrap the project.
  9. The screenplay, as well as the cinematography, was superb.
  10. The manager, as well as his colleagues, is responsible for this.
  11. The students, as well as the teacher, have gone missing.
  12. She, along with some of the administration workers, has been fired from the company.
  13. The moon, as well as the stars, was shining down on them.
  14. The chairman, as well as members, attends the meeting.
  15. The cow, as well as the horse feeds on grass.
  16. The movie, including all the previews, takes about two hours to watch.

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