​Summer - Questions for Discussion

1.Do you like summer?

2.What things about summer do you like most and least?

3.Are you having a good summer this year?

4.What do you like doing in summer that you can’t do at other times of the year?

5.How is summer different from other seasons in your country?

6.What do you do in summer that you don’t do the rest of the year?

7.Do you change your habits in summer?

8.When you think of summer what words or images pop into your mind?

9.What does summer symbolize?

10.What is summer like in your native country / in your hometown?

11.What is summer like in a cold climate?

12.What would you change about summer in your country?

13.What do you like / hate about summer?

14.Do you wish everyday were a summer day?

15.Would you like it to be summer /winter forever?

16.Is summer a romantic time? Why?

17.What are the usual summertime activities?

18.How different was summer time when you were young?

19.Is summer your most / least favorite season?

20.What memories of summer time from your childhood do you have?

21.Is summer a good time to do some cleaning?

22.How do we dress in summer?

23.What do farmers do in summer?

24.What do animals do in summer?

25.What do students do in summer?

26.What games do we play in summer?

27.What food do we eat in summer?

28.What is he best meal you eat or have ever eaten in summer?

29.What do you like to wear in summer? How does it make you feel? What kind of food and drink do you enjoy in summer? Is there anything you don’t eat or drink in summer? Why not?

30.Are you a good cook? Do you like to ‘cook up a storm’ on the barbecue with friends, or avoid the hot weather altogether by staying indoors?

31.How do you feel when summer arrives?

32.How does the end of summer feel?

33.How well do you sleep in summer?

34.Is summer a good time to be naked?

35.Is summer a good time to meet new people? Who is a unique person you met or want to meet this summer?

36.What is your most memorable moment of all the summers you have had?

37.What is at least one thing you would like to learn this summer?

38.Who do you spend the most time with in summer?

39.Do you regret anything having happened in summer? What’s your favorite / unhappy summer memory?

40.What do you wish you could do this summer?

41.What educational course did you / would you do this summer?

42.What purchases did you / would you make this summer?

43.Do you think summer feels differently to people of different ages?

44.What are the options for spending summer vacation for people of different age?

45.What are the usual “summer vacation” activities, such as camps, sports, family vacations, etc. and extraordinary activities?

46.What would you change in this summer activities considering previous summer vacation experience?

47.Would you take on new experience this year, such as getting a summer job, volunteering, or traveling?

48.What are the limiting factors that will decide what you can (or can’t) do over summer vacation?

49.Do any of the final decisions about how you spend your time depend your parents / other people, and how their desires may differ from yours?

50.How do you opt for activities (camps, vacations, etc.) that often cost money or are in different locations, forcing you to have to prioritize among them?

51.How does the schedule of other people (such as parents and siblings) dictates your schedule... for example, the activities of an entire summer may be scheduled around a family vacation

52.What are ways that your time could be used more productively over your summer vacation?

53.What activities could help you earn money and learn valuable life skills this summer?

54.Consider taking time to volunteer during the summer for a cause that you would be proud to support? Where would you volunteer?

55.Consider reading books, taking lessons, or attending camps that are focused on your interests and enable you to improve yourself. What would it be?

56.How many days of holiday do you normally have in summer? Is it enough? Are you able to switch off and relax on holiday, or do you take your work with you?Do you prefer to have a long summer holiday, or several shorter breaks during the year? Do you think school holidays are too long in your country?

57.What kind of summer holiday do you prefer: seaside, lake, mountain, cruise, camping, fishing, city break, cultural break, adventure, desert, jungle, safari, etc.? Have you ever been on this kind of holiday? What did you think of it? Are there any that you would never try? Why not?

58.Do you prefer to stay in your own country or go abroad? Why? Are you an “outdoorsy” person? Do you like to camp? Could you survive “in the wild” for two weeks without access to a cashpoint, shops, and restaurants? How would you cope if you got lost without a mobile phone?

59.What is the best summer holiday you have ever had? What has been the most memorable place you have ever visited? Why was it? Have you ever spent the night in a tent, yurt, cruise ship, ferry, train, B & B, motel, or five-star hotel? Tell me a story about each place.

60.Which hotel or resort would you recommend? Have you ever made friends with people on holiday, but not kept in touch? Tell me about them. Have you ever had any disasters on holiday? What went wrong?

61.What special events / festivals happen in your town / country in summer (e.g. cultural or sporting)? Do you usually attend / take part? If yes, describe each event. If not, why not?

62.What effect does summer have on your… a) mood, b) attitude, c) health, d) motivation, e) weight, f) relationships with those around you?

63.How hot is too hot for you? When was the hottest / coldest summer you can remember? Is summer weather changing for better or worse? Is climate change having an effect?

64.What is the best kind of summer music? Why do you like it? Have you ever been to a festival in summer? Have you ever been on a summer camp or a school exchange?

65.Have you ever been traveling, hitchhiking, or worked your way around the world during summer? Why? / Why not? What is your dream trip? What are you planning for next summer?

66.What berries grow on your land in summer? Which do you like / hate? How do you conserve berries for winter time?

67.What fruit grow on your land in summer? Which do you like / hate? How do you conserve fruit for winter time?

68.How do you protect your body from mosquitoes and gadflies in summer?

69.When is the summer solstice (year’s longest day)?

70.What summer period is called dog days and why?

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