Suzy A Stubborn Girl

This is a story about a stubborn girl. Her name is Suzy. She doesn't want to do anything that her parents tell her. When they ask her to make the bed, she doesn't make the bed, she cleans her teeth. When they ask her to clean her teeth, she doesn't do it.

One day when she decides to walk with her dog, she doesn't feed him, doesn't give him to drink, but takes him for a walk hungry and thirsty. The dog doesn't like to walk. He is upset. He doesn't run, doesn't play with Suzy. The girl doesn't know what is wrong. Then when she sees that her dog wants to eat an old bone left on the street, she understands why he is not happy. She doesn't let the dog eat the old bone. She takes him home and feeds him on his favourite dogs food.

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