​The 8th of March

Spring is coming. The spring is a beautiful season. Nature awakens to new life. The migratory birds return from the warm countries. The weather is getting warmer. The buds sprout on the trees. Snowdrops appear. When you talk about spring, you remember the International Women's Day

The 8th of March is a beautiful and very popular festival not only of Ukrainian women, but also of many people. We give the women various gifts for this celebration. First of all flowers, but other gifts are also possible: the perfume, sweets, bath accessories and other nice, big, expensive and cheap gifts. 

All gifts are acceptable on this day. Men rush, run back and forth, search, buy, pay, hurry home. On the 8th of March you will cover a festive table and prepare something tasty. You do not work that day and you can spend the whole day with your family. Teenagers prefer to go somewhere to rest and spend good time with friends. This holiday is celebrated in many countries.

The International Women's Day on March 8 is a public holiday in Berlin. Above all, the Women's Day is associated with red carnation in Germany.

Flowers are given more and more on Valentine's Day in Poland. Today, women in Poland only receive small presents and bouquets from the slightly old-fashioned men on Women's Day.

In Italy, on women's day yellow mimosa is the best present for women.

Like in Madagascar and Nepal, March 8th is a holiday for women solely. In Chinese state enterprises, people often get half the day off.

In Ukrainian families all like this festival. On this day, our women feel special.

This day starts with a festive mood in a typical Ukrainian family. Men festively decorate the house. A man is in the kitchen. He prepares the festive meal. Everyone serves the table and the man puts the prepared dishes on the table. The laid table is considered the first surprise for the mother. Everything looks delicious. Every year, men can prepare something new. 

Women are always surprised and satisfied. The party lasts almost the whole day. The women should be always respected by men. Women give the beauty, kindness, security.

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