The Cheap Apartment

Jean Herman lives in an apartment in New York City. Jean's apartment is small, but she likes it. The apartment is cheap. Jean pays only $200 a month.

Jean's apartment is in an old building. One day a big company buys the old building. The company wants to tear clown the old building and build a skyscraper.

Some people from the company visit Jean. "We're going to tear down this building," the people tell Jean. "So, you have to move. Here is a check for $50,000. You can find a new apartment — a big, beautiful apartment."

"I don't want a new apartment," Jean says. "I like this apartment. I'm not going to move." Jean doesn't take the check.

The next day the people come back with a check for $100,000. Jean doesn't take the check. "I'm not going to move," she says.

Every day the people come back with more money. Jean doesn't take their checks.

Finally, the people come with a check for $750,000. "Please take the money and move," the people say.

"I'm not going to move," Jean says. "Not for $750,000. Not for a million dollars. Not for ten million dollars. I like this apartment. It's my home."

Jean doesn't move, and the company doesn't tear down the building. The company builds the skyscraper behind the old building.

And so, on East 60th Street in New York City, there is an unusual skyscraper. The skyscraper has an old building in front of it. Jean Herman lives alone in the old building. Her apartment is small, but Jean likes it. The apartment is cheap; Jean pays only $200 a month.

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