The Disturbing Clock

The life of a clock seems easy. Clocks tick until the battery pops. 

The batteries are replaced and clocks tick again. The clocks’ art design attract us. But we get sad if the clocks warp time.

The Corpus Clock is a well-known sight in Cambridge. It was designed by John Taylo in 2008. Then the Corpus Clock was donated to Christi College. A lot of clock fans have visited the public monument. The device is plated with gold. However some visitors are creeped out. Things look good at first. The clock face does not have minute a second hands. Instead it has the lighted rings that count the seconds, minutes, and hours. 

When the hour strikes, a chain rattles and a hammer hits a coffin. This reminds onlookers that they will die. Then there is the large grasshopper sitting atop the clock. This is a time-eater. It “eats” every passing minute by snapping its jaws, probably as another hint not to take time for granted.

adapted from Bizarre Facts About Clocks by Jana Louise Smit

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