The Escape From Cuba

Armando lives in Cuba. He works in the fields every day. Armando doesn't want to work in the fields. He wants to be an artist.

Armando wants to go to the United States. His uncle lives in the United States. Armando's uncle writes him letters. "Come," his uncle writes. "You can live with me. You can study art."

But how can Armando go to the United States? It is impossible! Only two planes fly to the United States every day. More than 800,000 people are waiting for tickets.

One day Armando goes to the airport in Havana. He sees a big plane. Nobody is near the plane. Armando runs to the plane and climbs up by the wheels.

The plane takes off and flies east. Armando and the plane are going to Spain.

The plane flies high over the ocean. The temperature is - 40 degrees Celsius. Armando is wearing only pants and a cotton shirt, He is very cold. He is tired, too. He falls asleep.

Nine hours later the plane lands in Spain. Mechanics are checking the plane when something falls from the wheels. It is Armando! There is ice on Armando's clothes and face. But Armando is alive.

Armando stays in a hospital in Spain for one week. Then he flies to the United States. This time, he flies inside the plane.

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