The First School Day in Germany

The new school year in different German counties begins at different times. There is no so called common knowledge day in Germany, its September 1

Sometime classes begin already in the last decade of August, somewhere - in early September, as summer holidays should last only 6 weeks. For whom the beginning of the school year is really a holiday is for first-graders. They come to school on their first day with large multicolored balls, Schultüte, which are carefully filled with sweets and useful little things by their parents (or shopping malls). For other school children - it's a routine.

A Schultüte is given to children to make this anxiously awaited first day of school a little sweeter.

Moreover, the concept of "parade form" is not typical of Germany: both on weekdays and holidays children wear ordinary clothes, and the discipline is not strict. But it is better not to relax - at the end of classes at the examinations no one will be given a break.

Parents prepare for the school year in the summer. The school administration sends a list of the “should be purchased” textbooks and workbooks to parents’ mobile phones. Sometimes the books are provided by school.

For what you have to pay, this is for dinners, roughly 60 euros per month. But it is up to parents. At the same time, all children should have a light "snack" with them - water and fruits, cookies. An "evening group" is also paid, if parents can not take the child after the basic lessons.

There is no tradition of congratulating teachers on their First School Day, because there is simply no such a day.

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