​The Fly And The Bee (Level A1-2)

The Bee is busy. The Bee is on the flower. The Bee has a lot of work. The Bee makes honey. 

The Fly is foolish and lazy. The Fly has a lot of food. In the house, on the table, there’s jam on the cloth. There is also honey on the cloth. There are a lot of crumbs on the cloth. And it’s free! 

Now there is something very delicious. It is on the ceiling. The foolish Fly is there. She is closer and closer to it. Alas! She cannot move. She cannot fly. She is on sticky paper. 

“Help! Help!” But the busy Bee is already off. She is in her hive. The hive is full of honey. She is safe in her snug home.

That is the end of the foolish Fly.


what a sad story :(