The Kind Waitress

Every evening at six o'clock an old man goes to a restaurant near his house. He eats dinner. After dinner, he drinks coffee and talks to the people at the restaurant.

The old man's name is Bill. Bill eats at the restaurant every evening because he is lonely. His wife died, and he has no children.

Every evening the same waitress brings Bill his dinner. Her name is Cara. She is 17 year's old.

Cara is kind to Bill. She knows he is lonely, so she talks to him. If Bill is late for dinner, she calls him on the telephone, "Are you OK?" she asks him.

One evening Bill doesn't come to the restaurant. Cara calls him, but he doesn't answer the phone. Cara calls the police. "Please go to Bill's house," Cara tells the police.

Later the police call Cara at the restaurant. "Bill died in his sleep," the police tell her. Bill was 82 years old.

A week later, a man comes to the restaurant. "I have something for Cara," the man says. The man gives Cara a check for $500,000. The money is from Bill.

"This money is for me? From Bill?" Cara asks the man.

"Yes," the man answers.

"But... why?" Cara asks the man.

"Bill liked you," the man says. "You were kind to him."

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