​The Lucky Thief

Louise Burt was walking along a San Francisco street. Suddenly a man took her purse and ran. Mrs. Burt was very angry. She had ten dollars, her bus pass, and the keys to her house in her purse. Mrs. Burt ran after the thief.

The thief ran one block, two blocks, three blocks. The thief was a young man, so he could run fast. Mrs. Burt was not a young woman— she was 73 years old:—but she could run fast, too. Mrs. Burt stayed right behind the thief.

Mrs. Burt was wearing two chopsticks in her hair. The chopsticks had sharp ends. Mrs. Burt took the chopsticks out of her hair. "Maybe I can stab the thief with these chopsticks," she thought. "Then he will drop my purse."

The thief ran into an apartment building. Mrs. Burt followed him. "Help! Stop him!" she shouted. "He has my purse!"

Two police officers were walking near the apartment building. They heard Mrs. Burt and ran to help her. One police officer stayed with Mrs. Burt. The other police officer chased the thief.

The police officer found the thief on the roof of the apartment building. The thief was looking in Mrs. Burt's purse. When he saw the police officer, the thief dropped the purse and jumped off the building. The building was two stories high.

A few minutes later the police officer caught the thief. He was hiding under a car. He couldn't run because he had two broken ankles. The police took the thief to jail. The thief will stay in jail for a long time. But the thief was lucky. He was lucky that the police caught him. He was lucky that Mrs. Burt didn't catch him!

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