​The Lunch in the Yard

Many years ago lived a rich man. He had a servant who had to do all the work. The servant dressed and undressed the rich man. He washed him and he shaved him. He also cooked the food for him. The rich man did not work. He was often in a bad mood because he was bored.

At one noon in the summer, the servant brought the soup. The rich man was in a bad mood again. He scolded, "The soup is too hot." Angrily, he threw the bowl of soup out of the window.

Now he wanted to eat the roasted vegetables. But the servant was not stupid. He took the roasted vegetables and threw everything out in the yard. Finally he threw out the tablecloth.

The rich man scolded: "You are stupid to throw all the lunch in the yard!" Then the servant said: "It is so nice and warm outside. You threw out the plate with the soup. That's when I thought you wanted to eat in the yard. "

Comic tale by Friedrich Hebbel

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